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Introduction of CAS

Your best local partner

CAS - Control & Automation Solutions is a high-tech company in Vietnam, who provides modern, reliable, economical solutions for automation in power plants, substations & dispatch centers...

CAS experienced engineers provide excellent support during all phases of a project: pre-investment, design, production, commissioning & training, operation… which includes:

-          Investment consulting.
-          Technical solution consulting.
-          Manufacture, assemble.
-          Site services.
-          SCADA engineering services.
-          Maintain & warranty services.
-          Decision-Aid & E-Office tools...

With CAS solutions, customer can get more profits by:

-          Effective investment on equipments.
-          Reducing operation & maintenance costs.
-          Reducing losses related to misoperation.
and also
-          Employee and public safety.
-          Operational optimization...

Customers will be free-minded when using CAS products as:

-          High-tech, high quality products.
-          Skillful and enthusiastic staff.
-          Fast warranty and maintenance.

CAS offers a full-range of automation solutions, products and services that can be customized to fit your requirements, your budget, and your schedule.

CAS is always your best local partner when doing business in Vietnam.


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